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You did fantastic in 2022!

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Wishing you a Happy Winter Solstice! This is my best day of the year!

The day will get longer afterwards little by little, we will see the hope in the midst of the very cold weather.

With Nature's guide, your attention will go deep within. Pay close attention to your body, heart and mind. Bring the connection back to yourself.It could be a very spiritual experience. It's the best time for it. Embrace it. Be thankful for just who you are. You did survive in such a difficult world, and yet you contributed creatively to the many different levels in your/ our lives. Your presence made your family/friends and the world happy. Smile to yourself.

Let's look back on your New Year's resolution in 2022, if you made it last January.

How did life guide you in accomplishing those resolutions or other things? Whatever came to your life, you did fantastic! Now is the time to be thankful for your growth by what you went through in 2022. Let's cerebrate it.

Refresh yourself and get ready for the next year! Thank you for all of the support by being there.

Much Love, Erika

(Photo: Gerald Berliner)

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