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What is your New Years Resolutions?

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Did you review 2022 and said to yourself, "You did fantastic!" ?

If not, that's what you need to do before you set up the goals for 2023.

Treat yourself with something special for having accomplished your goals in 2022.

(This is very important)

Then you can clarify your New Years Resolutions in 2023.

Let's try to set the goals from many different categories of life.

Balance is the key to wellness!

Did you set the goals for:

-Your fun? Travel, Hobby, etc. Indoors, outdoors?

-Your growth? Physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually?

-Your profession? Skill, Administration, Promotion?

-Your relationships? With yourself, with others, with nature?

What else can you think of?

Write these goals using your handwriting as this is important step. By doing so, let the RAS* activate to make it happen!

*The reticular Activating System

(Photo: Jessica Ruscello)

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