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Following The "CYCLES OF LIFE" : Finding Some Certainty in Uncertain Life...

After reading a book, "Cycles of Life" by Rod Suskin (2005), well known Astrologist in South Africa,

I started to follow my Saturn Cycle. And since then, it seems to be easier to understand the flow in my life. I realized I started to feel the sift in the fifth year of the seven year Saturn Cycle. That is where I am at now. Those sifts gradually started to happen, and when I look back on those events and put it together with my Saturn Cycle, I understand and feel where I am at in my Life. Also, I follow my annual astrological four seasons, that is very helpful to planning, especially for my business.

His book has a unique charts to see individuals life cycle. Unfortunately, the charts end in 2020, and no updates are available. Probably I should study by myself or get professional astrologist's (or Rod's) help. But the idea of living with individual's annual cycles and planetary cycles have been helping me considerably to live in this uncertain world.

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