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Core Synchronism with Animals: Working with Cat Digestive System

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Let's see what is going on when a cat throws up a lot or sometimes with blood, does not eat well or not at all.

From the viewpoint of Core Synchronism, it could be said that thoracic vertebrae that are the neural innovation site of digestive system are out of sync, thus affects the bio-dynamics of the digestive system. Irritability could be palpable by touching on both thoracic vertebrae and organs.

The therapist can look at the central energy flow, to balance it with the affected vertebrae and digestive organs.

After a few sessions, a cat that had thrown up a few times a day sometimes with bleeding, not eating at all, started to eat wet food again without throwing up for a week up till today.

The therapist worked on the cat remotely and in-person.

Animals are so active, sometime fall and that affects to their biodynamics. It is important to balance their body once in a while or when the big incident happens.

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