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Holistic Wellness

​Core Synchronism, Massage/Bodywork, Yoga
Meet Erika

​Meet Erika Shinya

​Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner
Natural Therapeutic Specialist
Licensed Massage Therapist
​Ashtanga Yoga Instructor
Wellness Coaching

Erika was born and grew up in Japan. She started her journey for holistic wellness in the social work profession. In 2008, while she was considering enrolling a natural therapeutics’ program in the U.S.,  her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer. She worked with her mother putting her on a Macrobiotic diet and also using traditional Japanese folk healing arts. As of 2024, her mother has no worry about cancer, and happily grows 

organic vegetables for her family in Hiroshima, Japan.

In 2010, she entered New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. What really intrigued her about the school was a therapeutic modality called Core Synchronism, founded by Dr. Robert Stevens, the school director. 

After finishing her course of study, she took her first Core Synchronism class in 2011. She built a foundation little by little and finally became a certified core synchronism practitioner in 2017. She is the only level 7 certified Core Synchronism practitioner in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

She found the wholistic approach of Core Synchronism to be very effective in healing. She enjoys working with the body when it expresses discomfort and is searching for balance. When client share with her their discomforts in a certain area of the body, she assesses their condition holistically. She assesses how a specific issue is connected with other imbalances of the body, how the body can be balanced as a whole. That includes physical, emotional and energetic (etheric) body. 


She also received Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in 2014. She practices and teaches Yoga in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. That adds more depth to her focus and more integrity to her holistic approach for wellness.

Adding to her bodywork and yoga practice, she complements her practice by utilizing natural remedies to promote the healing process. That includes: flower remedies, herbs, Macrobiotic diet, gem stones and crystals.

What is Core Synchronism

What is  Core Synchronism?

Core Synchronism is an energy based holistic bodywork system designed to assist nature in establishing harmony with all parts of the organism, which results in activating an individual’s  self-healing ability.

Our goal is to help you to release pain, discomfort and trauma through deepest relaxation and to experience inner stillness and peace. 

For more information about Core Synchronism, see this video by Robert Stevens, the founder of Core Synchronism.

How does
Core Synchronism work?

In this model, pain or discomfort is the result of a body part being out of synch with the core current and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) motion. Disharmonious motion causes friction and reduces the flow of body fluid and can  produce inflammation, which then results in pain or discomfort.

​Musculoskeletal System
Human Skeleton Sketch

The entire skeletal frame responds to CSF fluctuation. This includes the cranium and facial structures. The therapist palpates both fluid and skeletal motions and helps the organism to correct asynchronous motion which causes pain or discomfort. 

​Brain and
Nervous System

The physiological motions of inner brain, outer brain, nervous system and cranial bones will be palpated to integrate them with CSF fluctuation. This integration will create an environment of greater stability within these structures.

​Chakras, Elements, Energy Flow

Stability within the physical body depends on the integral balance of the etheric body (chakras), energetic elemental relationships, Pranas and their timings with the CSF motion. The therapist assesses these and helps the organism to re-establish the balance within these fine energy flows.

​Endocrine Chain

The therapist palpates entire endocrine chain to find any asynchronous motions that cause discomfort then corrects and integrates them to the entire endocrine chain and spine to the synchronistic motion of CSF fluctuation.

​Lymph Treatment

The Lymph system protects blood by sucking up toxins. If it become over-burdened, toxins will begin to circulate in the body. By increasing the vibrational force in the lymph system by matching with the fluctuation of CSF, lymph will be released and an interchange between all fluids of the body occurs.  This prepares lymph for its return to the blood system.

Other Treatment Modalities

The therapist works in accordance with the client's goal for appropriate treatment.

It will be Swedish Massage or integrated bodywork. It includes as follows:

Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Polarity, Core Synchronism, Craniosacral and Hot Towel Treatment.

Image by Camille Brodard

​Swedish Massage

​Helps relax and tone musculature, increase blood and lymphatic flow throughout the  body. This increased flow helps bring nutrition to the cells, remove waste and toxins stored in the body and promote physical, mental and emotional healing.

Heading 1



​Improves the functioning of corresponding organs, connective tissues, bony structures, body systems and energy pathways by stimulating specific reflex points.

​Myofascial Release

Image by Conscious Design

​Is a safe and effective hands-on technique that applies gentle sustained pressure into the restricted fascia. This technique helps fascia to relax and enables the therapist to access deeper layers of muscle releasing pain and restoring motion.

Image by Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев


​Is a healing art that restores the Vital energy to a relaxed and energized balance. Polarity therapy includes specific treatments for the Five Elements, whiplash, back problems, tipped pelvis and general stress.


​Is a  gentle healing art that starts by palpating the subtle skeletal and fascial movement produced by the pumping of cerebrospinal fluid. The body relaxes deeply, releasing physical and emotional blockages.

Head Massage


"Over many years, I have come to know Erika as one of the most compassionate, attentive, focused and effective healers I’ve ever encountered. Personally,  she has been of amazing benefit to me for conditions as various as tendons torn years ago, to previously recurring states of anxiety and depression, to the repair of  a damaged retina to the point that I  have fully regained my passion and expertise as a nature photographer. She has a knowledge of  human anatomy, medical physiology, and neurobiological innovations that would be the envy of  many medical doctors. Though she sometimes explains herself  as a “whole BODY balancer”,  I would also call her a “whole BEING enhancer”. I am so grateful for her work, and recommend her most highly and with great respect."

— Peter



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